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Vzw Kompani is looking for support families!

What if a child cannot go home for an extended period of time?

Sometimes it happens that children entrusted to us cannot fall back on their family network for all kinds of reasons.

Because it is important for these children to be introduced to family life, we are looking for committed families.

Support families are families who volunteer, but not entirely without obligation, to welcome a child into their family and allow him or her to participate in everyday family activities.

The frequency of visits is determined in consultation with the support family, the child and the facility.


How does it work?

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment at Kompani or at your home, according to what you prefer.

During this initial meeting, we will give you/your family some explanation of who we are and try to get to know you/your family better (family composition, interests). Of course, you can already ask all your questions then.

If there is a match with one of the children/youth, we will let you get acquainted and visits can start.

Financial support

``Friends of Kompani``.

“Friends of kompani” become regular donors: this means you want to support us regularly. Donations from €40 are tax deductible (1 tax certificate per year). We guarantee that these donations will be used to improve the welfare of the children entrusted to us.

You can also make a one-time contribution to our facility. This can be done by paying directly into the account number of vzw Kompani: BE 36 8538 6811 6181

Bequests: In a will, drawn up by the notary, you can bequeath a certain amount to vzw Kompani. You can also name Kompani as (co-)heir and do so without disadvantaging other heirs. Feel free to contact us or your chosen notary public.

Thank you to our sponsors United Fund for Belgium, King
Baudouin Foundation and Fifty-One West Coast.

We achieve an average occupancy rate of about 105%
over the years
is the average age of children in our organization
(The minimum age is 2.5 and the maximum is 25).

Feedback from our clients.

We regularly gauge the satisfaction of the (former) children and youth as well as their context. We will work with the feedback received to best align our operation with client demand.

Former resident

“From my time at Kompani, I have kept friends that I still see today,” he said.

Former resident

“The structure that was offered I found, in retrospect, to be very good for me.”


“I get tips from my child’s mentor. Eg: How to deal with her in a proper way, what to do with her during the visit, …”

Former resident

“They gave me rules and taught me how to follow them. At home I didn’t have them. I also really liked that I was able to come to Kompani with my sister.”