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Vzw Kompani is a house in the row. We strive to create a warm and homey atmosphere. We work strongly from a clinging and contextual approach with special attention to children and youth without context.

Vzw Kompani stands for providing new possibilities and opportunities. From that positive mindset, we work with children, youth and their context to find what works (effectiveness). This is an exciting challenge that we face with self-reflection, professionalism and, above all, enthusiasm.

Highly individualized and customized, we respond to needs and questions of both the children and young people staying in vzw Kompani, as well as those of their context and our staff. Each young person is unique and thus requires a specific approach.


“Kompani” is Esperanto for “friend, compagnon de route.

Together with the client system, the referrer and Kompani, we explore the child’s support needs and his/her context. In ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders, we seek the appropriate support.

For more than 50 Years of Special Youth Services.


We support children and their context to take back control of their lives in a positive way. We believe that the support we provide adds value to the future of our clients.

In Vzw Kompani, children and young people are given a frame of reference in which values such as mutual respect, resilience, independence and responsibility are important. We offer young people a realistic and open view of society and the broader world in which they live.

We believe in the resilience and positive powers of young people and teach them to articulate and realize their own choices, dreams and ideas (emancipatory). This happens in a well-organized and structured living and group event in a safe and adapted infrastructure.

Target group and services

Vzw Kompani is a special youth care organization that offers children between the ages of 2.5 and 25 a safe alternative when, for a variety of reasons, they are (temporarily) unable to stay at home and/or find themselves in a troubled living situation. We provide differentiated support aimed at sustainable (re)-integration into the context (natural or replacement) or independent integration into society (autonomous living).

We are a small-scale facility with room for 14 children and youth. Everyone is welcome regardless of their cultural background, origin or religion.

In addition to the child, who is always at the center, everyone important to the child or young person is involved in the counseling process at their request. This is done in an open and honest atmosphere with respect for the privacy and rights of all involved.


Our Team


Day and night, a professional, close-knit and dynamic team is on hand. Supervisors with various educational backgrounds assist the children and youth in their physical, emotional and social development. Each young person is assigned a mentor who works with them to see what support they need to feel well and thrive. This is done in a confidential and constructive atmosphere.

We guarantee quality service through a balanced training policy based on the interests of our employees. This keeps us well informed of new trends and developments. We strive to be approachable; the director is easily accessible to youth, parents and staff.



Organization for Special Youth Care Kompani has accreditation for:



residence with attached 14 modules of context supervision low-intensity, can be used as modules room training (TCK)


context guidance in function of autonomous living, reserved for internal flow (CBAW)

Future Vision

Under the motto “Just do it!”, we provide a fun, stimulating and safe environment in which young people can develop and experiment to the fullest.

We strive for a quality balance between professionalism with a scientific foundation and a homey, warm and a relaxed environment. With our TCK and CBAW operation, we support young people in their growth toward greater independence and skill to face their future as adults in their own strength and self-confidence.

Finally, we are working to expand possible collaborative partners, both within the sector and outside of it, to further support our young people.

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