Welcome to Kompani: Recognized Organization for Special Youth Assistance in Oostduinkerke.

Building a safe future together for children and youth.

Our target group are children and adolescents who, given their troubled living situation, can no longer/may no longer stay in their original home environment.

We offer 14 modules of residence with 14 modules of context supervision (low intensive) attached. This means that we are responsible for the daily care and supervision of 14 children and adolescents between the ages of 2.5 and 25. Within the accommodation module, we also offer the room training module (TCK) since we have two full-fledged studios. Young people can move internally or move externally into our module of contextual guidance in function of autonomous living (CBAW).

We are not directly accessible. Applications are made through the Youth Support Center (OCJ) or the Juvenile Court.

Since 2016, Kompani has accommodated one crisis youth (ages 3 to 12) on referral from the crisis hotline.

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“Grass does not grow by pulling on it, but by watering the roots.”



Kompani: For more than 50 years of special youth services.


Vzw Kompani grew out of a private initiative of Mr. and Mrs. Van Thuyne – Vandewinckel.

Below is our story:

First children in Ti-Ki
Official recognition as a Special Youth Care facility
was the rental of the property located at Pirschlaan 8, 8670 Oostduinkerke
the construction project was realized
Kompani was recognized as a special youth care organization within the modular framework

Fancy an enriching experience?
Vzw Kompani is looking for support families!

What if a child cannot go home for an extended period of time?

Sometimes it happens that children entrusted to us cannot fall back on their family network for all kinds of reasons.

Because it is important for these children to be introduced to family life, we seek committed families.

Support families are families who volunteer, but not entirely without obligation, to welcome a child into their family and allow him or her to participate in everyday family activities.

The frequency of visits is determined in consultation with the support family, the child and the facility.

How does it work?

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment at Kompani or at your home, according to what you prefer.

During this initial meeting, we will give you/your family some explanation of who we are and try to get to know you/your family better (family composition, interests). Of course, you can already ask all your questions then.

If there is a match with one of the children/youth, we will let you meet and visits can start.


"Being a support family is really enriching for our family." (current support family)